New Mobile Websites available

Introducing Mobile Gen2!
We are ecstatic to announce Gen2 Mobile, a much more mobile-friendly version of websites we build! Gen2 mobile sites are formatted specifically for cell phones, making it faster and easier for users to get the information they need on the go. 

When a viewer accesses your website from a mobile device, they will be auto-redirected to a mobile-friendly version of your website.  The layout has been specifically designed with cell phones in mind. We’ve reduced the number of clicks to access the “Book Reservation” button to make it more convenient for viewers to make a reservation.  If you are on a tablet, you’ll be sent to the full site instead. When we create your mobile site, we use the same URL as your full website’s home page, which translates to a better bounce rate in your analytics data(see our analytics article to learn more about bounce rate). 

See For Yourself
See the awesomeness in action! From your mobile device, go to  to check out how easy the new layout is to use.