Facebook Changes Again

On March 30th Facebook will perform a mandatory upgrade of all profiles (including business pages) to the new Timeline. Whether we like it or not, we’ll have to learn, yet again, how to set up and use the new interface.

The Facebook Timeline is a new, revamped layout that changes how others look at your profile. This new view will allow you to highlight photos, posts, and events. Because there is a plethora of well-written articles with great information on how to upgrade your profile, I have sifted through to give you the highlights and the links to other articles that will help you be ready for the upgrade.

To start, check out what the new Timeline will look like and offer. Facebook has done a good job of letting you know what the new setup will look like. Please take a look at the Timeline introduction. To start the upgrade, just click on the "get timeline" button on the bottom of the introduction page.

I have always said that you should have big, large photos on your website to help tell a story. Looks like Facebook was listening and as you can see with their new timeline, you can put in a great big picture, called a cover photo, on the top of the page. Way to go Facebook! Here are some pointers on picking that large cover photo as well as some rules Facebook has put in place. http://www.facebook.com/help/? faq=276329115767498.

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