Revisit to "Google Places"

Every commercial website contains contact information. For Bed and Breakfasts, our Contact Us pages inevitably have our physical address, and it is very helpful to include a map right on that page so potential customers don't need to leave our site in order to get a feel for where the B&B is located.

With that being said, we can spice up the map and make it even more useful to our customers by registering our business with Google Places. But more importantly, being registered with Google Places means that customers can look up directions to our Bed and Breakfast by simply searching by name, rather that having to type in the entire address. This convenience to customers makes it even easier for them to find favor with our B&B.

Here are some images that will demonstrate the difference in Google Maps when Google Places is and is not in use.

Fig. 1 Not registered with Google Places.

Fig. 2 Registered with Google Places.

You can see how being registered with Google Places can make the map more stimulating visually, and don't forget about the huge increase we gain in customer ease-of-use.

Our past article explains a little more about Google Places, and how you can register your B&B:

Google Places