3 Ways to Build a B&B website

 3 Ways to Build a B&B website

When it comes to lodging marketing, a well-designed website is the most powerful tool BnB owners can use to convince travelers to book a room at their bed & breakfast. Websites are the best place to showcase your business, engage with your guests, and impress potential customers.

For many, building and designing a responsive webpage can be a challenge, especially if they don’t have much experience in website development. Here are 3 ways to build a website for your lodging business:


If you choose to work on the web design for your BnB on your own, there are a wide variety of website builders or CMSs that offer web design packages for different businesses. Here are two of the most popular ones:


It offers a wide range of website templates specifically designed for hotels and BnBs. These designs include an online booking system and client interaction tools. Although Wix offers free plans, only monthly paid subscriptions let you connect the domain name to your business’s website, which is a must if you’re serious about your business. One of the downsides of wix is that it is not so SEO friendly as the following CMS.


It is one of the world´s most popular pages to run blogs and websites. WordPress offers hundreds of templates, customization options, and SEO tools. This platform offers free options and paid subscriptions. However, you will always have to pay the hosting fee.
Hire a Web Designer

You can hire a web design professional to create a website for your BnB. 

An experienced web designer can help you create an appealing website based on what you want. You can recruit a full-marketing employee or hire a freelancer in platforms such as Indeed, Linkedin, and Upwork. One of the disadvantages of hiring a web designer is that not all of them know the importance of SEO and how to apply SEO when building a website.

At BnBwebsites, your website is designed with SEO and Accessibility in mind, which take us to the next option you have. 

Work with a Digital Marketing Agency

Working with a digital marketing agency is the most profitable way to design and manage a successful website for your BnB.

Hospitality marketing agencies are experts in both the lodging industry and the digital world.

A digital agency like BnBwebsites can respond to your B&Bs changing needs and provide affordable and fast solutions to help it increase its direct online bookings.

If you want to build a successful BnB website that achieves high search engine rankings and generates more revenue, BnBwebsites is your best choice. At BnBwebsites we have SEO know-how, we have the experience in creating well-designed lodging websites, and we can support you on other essential parts of building your brand.