Google Places

We all know the routine. When we want to find out about something, we summon the colorful search engine and type in whatever we want to know. With a few keystrokes, Google hums to life, and in scarcely a second, has brought us ten thousand ways to fix our faucet and bake our cookies. Over 90% of Internet users choose Google, so it would be well worth your time, as business owners, to tell Google about your business.

Google Places is a forum for any and all places, the goal being to compile information about every single place in the world. Chances are Google has already propped up your business on Google Places, using information from Yellow Pages and other third party providers. But who wants to leave their livelihood in the cold hands of an impartial party? Your business has a place out there, Google is willing to listen, and claiming your business on Google Places is completely free. You can upload photos and videos, view reviews, and add details about your bed and breakfast or Inn. If you have a good Google Places page, Google will find your business more important and your SEO (search engine optimization) rankings will improve. By following these 6 Steps, your Google Place page can be up on the web, where millions can find your business.

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