Revisit to "Benefits of Blogging"

After having helped several of our clients set up blogs recently, we thought it would be helpful to remind everyone who hasn't been actively blogging about their B&B, that this is a habit worth picking up.

We have a great article about the benefits of blogging that can explain more about what a blog is, how to blog effectively, and how blogs can benefit all of our businesses:

Here are just a couple of the interesting points discussed in the article:

Search engines crawl and index blogs remarkably faster than websites.
Search engine “crawler bots” have a schedule for how often they crawl pages to index your site. Using webmaster tools for some of the bigger search engines, you can alert the crawlers how often to scour your page. Many blogging sites quickly and automatically “ping” search engines to let them know “Hey, you should crawl my blog constantly because it is updated frequently.” Blog posts can be indexed as quickly as 30 seconds from when you hit the publish button. Most stagnant websites don’t get crawled very often (it can be months between crawls). While you can tell search engines to crawl your website more frequently, if you’re not walking the talk by updating your website often like you should, search engines may deem your site unworthy of more frequent crawls.

Rich content gets around.
Good information tends to be passed on and on and on. When someone sees your blog and posts it on their website, blog, or social media page, this creates an inbound link to your blog. If your blog links to your website, this can drive traffic to your site (it is wise to create an outbound link from your blog to your website). This process can repeat over and over again. This helps in two ways: 1) Exposure leads to more exposure and 2) Having more page views on your blog as well as inbound links tells search engines you might be an authority in your particular industry. When you’re considered an authority, more people will link to you, generating you even more exposure. 

If you need help getting your blog started, we have step-by-step instructions that will have you blogging in no time: