Google is including Restaurant Menus in their Search Results

This weekend, Google announced that they are officially displaying restaurant's menus right in their search results.

One important thing to notice is that Google is demonstrating the types of searches their new algorithm is designed to fulfill. The example search is, "show me the menu for Fonda San Miguel." This is a sign that your website's headlines and text should be answering these types of questions, in a conversational manner. If you do that, Google will likely see your site as being more relevant and useful to the web surfer.

The other thing to keep in mind is that we aren't sure exactly where Google is getting their menu details. It's possible that they get their data from directory websites like or, or they could be getting it from your own website. Either way, all owners/innkeepers whose property includes a restaurant should make sure that their menu is posted correctly and completely on their website, as well as on restaurant directory websites.

This article by Search Engine Land has more details, including some other questions that are still unanswered.