The Importance of Professionally Branded Email Addresses

What is a Branded Email?
This is a professional email account that uses your own website's domain.

Why is a branded email account important?
Each type of email says something about your business. You can communicate professionalism or a lack thereof by the type of email account you use for business interactions. There are three different classifications of business email addresses.

The username and domain don't relate to your website in any way. This can make you look like a scammer or a hobbyist.

The username mentions your business, but the domain is not yours. This is usually because you don't know how to set one up, but is less professional and diminishes customer confidence. You also advertise someone else's website with every email you send.

The username is informational and the domain is your own. This makes your business look professional and legitimate.

If you're just starting a business, or if you want to increase your professionalism, a branded email account may be just what you need. Zoho offers this kind of email address for free.

If you've seen the difference that changing to a branded email makes, or if you have other tips for improving professionalism, tell us about it in the comments.