4 Tips to Get More Reservations During Low Season

 The hospitality industry is one of the most competitive in the world. Every year many BnB business owners struggle to get reservations during the low season. If you run a bed and breakfast and want to increase your number of bookings, here are four tips that will help you retain customers and attract new guests:

Special Promotions

Promotions and special deals can help you increase direct bookings and build customer loyalty. Rewards, small discounts, or things such as free drinks or snacks are small details that can convince customers to choose your bed and breakfast over other lodging options. Send exclusive promotions to old guests that might be interested in staying at your BnB again.

Target locally

Take a look at all the activities and social events that are being organized in town. Whether it is a concert or a baseball game, use it for advertising your BnB. Come up with new services or activities that complement these attractions. 

Use the Right Channels

Using the right channels is the most effective way to get more reservations during the low season. Finding out what the channel is that your target audience uses the most is the first step. With the help of a marketing agency, you can define if the channel you need to focus on is social media or google ads, or if you need to invest in search engine optimization.

Work With a Reliable Digital Marketing Agency

Working with a hospitality digital marketing agency is your best choice to improve brand awareness, reach new customers, and increase sales leads. An agency with experience in the hospitality industry can come up with effective marketing strategies that drive traffic to your website and increase direct bookings even during the low season.

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