Why Should I Use a Review Management Software?

 Your business's reputation mainly consists of the perception people have of your company. Before, businesses in the lodging industry primarily relied on print advertising and word of mouth to create their image. Now, the reputation of hotels and BnBs all over the world depend on online reviews posted on social media platforms, their websites, and rating sites.

Since a growing number of consumers use online reviews and ratings to choose a place to stay, having a review management software has become crucial for any business in the hospitality industry. Responding to, requesting, and managing all online reviews can be overwhelming. However, it needs to be taken care of carefully. Any little mistake could affect the brand that has taken you years to build.

Why Does It Matter?

The reputation of a business is mainly based on online reviews, ratings, and testimonials. A company that doesn't have reviews is often perceived as unreliable. Investing in a powerful review management system could drive more traffic to your website and increase direct bookings.

Reviews posted on platforms like Tripadvisor or Yelp have a significant impact on the decision making of travelers. According to a study conducted by PhocusWire, more than 50% of travelers read online reviews before booking their stay at a hotel or a BnB. The same research revealed that 87% of users think positively of hotels that provide quick and appropriate responses to negative reviews. 

A variety of software can alert you about new reviews, evaluate your performance, and help you mitigate the damage of bad ratings. You can also enhance your brand by letting your guests review your BnB services through Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor, and then displaying their best reviews.

Effective Review Managing Services

Building your reputation is everything. When it comes to managing reviews, your best choice is to hire a professional digital marketing agency that evaluates your online presence and puts in place a successful review marketing strategy.

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